Isaac Law Technocraft Pakistan

Founder & Lead Counsel

Isaac Ali Qazi, practicing law since 1994, has now been life member of Supreme Court Bar Association (2008).  Handled over 3,000 cases, so far his 81 cases have been published in various Law Journals.Specialized in corporate & constitutional law; had formal training in white collar crimes. Fiscal & financial laws have also been at the core of his practicing area. He is also known for his expertise in trade, taxation and assets management laws. Author of  4 books on law, graduated in law and sciences. He holds masters in International Relations. Besides post graduate studies in Public Administration, has also gone through a 4 years Engineering Program. 

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"Digest on Constitution of Pakistan" is an endeavor to put together case law on the Constitution of Pakistan with great care and precision. Over the years, in Pakistan, unprecedented case law on Consitution has been developed. The reader would feel along with historic and rhetoric aspect, the emerging currents of constitutional law in Pakistan. In the Digest both theoretical and practical aspects of the constitutional law have been attended to. This Digest would be a great help for practicing lawyers and would be a treasure for non-practicing lawyers and students of law. The Digest would also prove its worth to those foreign students of law who are keen to abreast with developing constitutional law in Pakistan.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Isaac Ali Qazi